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Tuesday , December 12 2017
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How to Create YouTube Playlists (and Why They're Important)…

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If you’re creating a YouTube channel, you don’t just want viewers to come watch one video and then leave your page — you want them to stay with you and watch all of the great content you’ve created. One great way to do that is with a playlist, where the next video automatically plays. 

However, it’s important to make sure your playlists make sense. Don’t just cobble together all of your videos without any organization. Instead, think of each video as a chapter in a book. Make it easy for the viewer to transition from one video to the other and think about which videos complement one another.

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Salma Jafri gives tips on how to create a smoother, more satisfying viewing experience by creating great playlists that your audience actually wants.

Watch the video to learn more.

Watch more YouTube videos from Salma Jafri on her channel.

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